Eliminating Confusion

In January 2013 I bought the domain name for the Proposition Circle. At the time, I was so surprised that there was so much confusion around what a proposition was, that I felt compelled to do something about it. I quickly realised that millions of professionals and businesses were still in need of better overall brand strategies, value propositions and business models…

Disrupt Current Execution

With the pace of change, companies cannot afford to take deadly shortcuts to meet quarterly revenue targets. And realised, often too late, that buyers’ sophistication, combined with ineffectively articulated thinking, result in poor operational execution and challenged sales results.

Evolve and Extend

The process of market and brand strategy, proposition design or commercial execution does not stop once a proposition is launched to the market. Often this process needs to be refined and evolved to meet current and future customers’ needs, and shed away competitive threats.

Innovation & Collaboration

By collaborating with fast moving and disruptive innovators, we create growth waves within businesses that need it most. We provide advice on ways to design and execute innovative market strategies. We deliver persuasive communication and engagement tactics that help turn poor fates into glory. We accelerate the delivery of successful results and growth outcomes, and we do so in a highly effective manner.
“ I believe in achieving accelerated success. With nearly 20 years of strategic, market-shaping and commercial execution expertise working with global consultancies, insurers, financial services institutions and FinTech organisations, I have learnt to deliver distinctive growth strategies across multiple markets.”

Sabine VanderLinden
Founder & MD at The Proposition Circle

About Me

Sabine VanderLinden

Founder & MD of The Proposition Circle
After working with renowned global brands such as IBM, FICO, Pegasystems and SSP, I decided to focus my craft in practical strategic growth areas. A writer at heart, I combine visual thinking, innovative design and accelerated execution frameworks to achieve results.

The Core Of Every Success

My belief is that every business needs a well-crafted, highly effective, unique and disruptive proposition if it wants to survive and thrive in the current marketplace. There is so much stuff out there that does not mean anything. A proposition is at the core of any successful brand and a key accelerator to achieving business outcomes.

My Interests

I have a strong interest in identifying blockbuster disruptive and innovative technologies that revolutionise the customer experience and deliver accelerated operational transformation. Big data analytics, decision management and digital technologies have been all core interests of mine. How you combine those to design unique solutions is key.

A Blue Ocean Perspective

Bringing a Blue Ocean strategic lens on product and service portfolios, organisation assets, the market and the competitive landscape helps me transform customer experiences through unique engagement programs.

The Digital Network

I have developed strong relationships with a network of result-orientated marketing, digital and commercial experts, growth hackers and investment consultants, technologists and content specialists to execute proposition design thinking in compelling ways.

“Mon Parcourt”

I am an alumna of Sir John Cass Business School where I earned my MBA. Amongst my accreditations, I was awarded by IBM an Ovation Award for Outstanding Achievement, Breakthrough Thinking and Execution. I also acquired a postgraduate degree in mathematics and five insurance examination accreditations from the Chartered Insurance Institute. I am fluent in French and English.

If you want to learn more about me, please check my linked-in profile.