How we help you differentiate.

We introduce and design new innovative and disruptive growth strategies, methods and practices. We formulate practical result-orientated recommendations for your operational team to help you grow at your expected pace

3. Extend Your Reach

Optimise and accelerate your growth opportunities by reaching new frontiers... meaning new customer segments, alliances, markets, geographies and industries.
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2. Practical Execution

Identify and implement unique customer-engagement tactics and ensure that your product roadmap satisfies market and customer needs today and in the future.
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1. Actionable Innovation

Introduce and design new innovative and disruptive growth strategies, methods and practices. Formulate practical result-orientated recommendations to achieve your goals and deliver operational alignment at your expected pace.
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Defining differentiated customer engagements starts with a well-crafted, highly effective and unique proposition if you want to survive and thrive in the current marketplace.
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Extend Your Reach

Practical Execution

Actionable Innovation


How we help you differentiate.

We introduce and design new innovative and disruptive growth strategies, methods and practices. We formulate practical result-orientated recommendations for your operational team to help you grow at your expected pace.

Actionable Innovation

Defining strategic fit through face-to-face consultation

First of all, a guarantee: If we believe we cannot help you meet or exceed your growth targets, we will let you know.

That’s why our approach starts with our consultation process. It’s not just to get to know you, your customers and your firm – it’s to find out where we can really help. If we can’t, we’ll say so. And if we can, we’ll tell you how and by when, so that you can measure the impact of our work on your business performance.

Actionable Innovation

Remediate from the outside-in

What’s stopping you hitting your targets? It’s not unusual for firms to grow out-of-step with their target markets.

That’s why we assess the latest developments in your markets, your segments, as well as the deeper long-term trends that will affect your industry. What are customers saying – and what are they doing are often not always the same thing. What essential advances in technology do you need to stay on top of? What are your competitors up to and how should you respond? These are just some of the questions we help you answer.

Actionable Innovation

Harnessing new and disruptive technologies

When it comes to disruptive technologies, are you up to speed?

Do you really understand the power of Big Data and other disruptive technologies affecting today’s world? The extra regulatory burden of it? The costs of poor decision-making? How to learn about your customers without wasting precious time? We do – and we can help you understand and harness their combined power in the most effective way for your business. And that also goes for Decision Management, Advanced Analytics, Visual Intelligence and more…


Identify and Implement.

We identify and implement differentiated sales and marketing tactics and ensure that your product roadmap satisfies market and customer needs today and within the future.

Practical Execution

Operationalise strategic communications

Do you develop and implement your marketing, sales and product development strategies in isolation from the market strategy and propositions they are meant to support?

Our intent is to help you formulate and operationalise practical marketing communications, relevant product roadmaps and sales enablement plans aligned to the way your organisation most effectively interacts with its audience: customers, influencers and partners.

Practical Execution

Focus on unique engagement journeys

As you seek to optimise your lead-to-revenue ratio and shorten your overall customer decision making lifecycle, we will help you tighten your customer engagement journey..

We will construct consistent, unique and effective engagement tactics: tactics that your customers want to see, read, listen, fall into and engage with; and then refocus your market-facing activities in areas that matter most for your audience.

Practical Execution

Influence those who matter

When it comes to disruptive technologies, are you up to speed?

Influencing the market, the media, the press, the financial and industry analysts, as well as key strategic partners is core to any customer-led and effective growth strategy. We will help you develop plans, tactics and messages that will help you face the brick walls and attract, convince and impact those influencers that can effect your top line the most, now and in the future.


Optimise and Accelerate

We optimise and accelerate your growth opportunities by helping you reach new frontiers including new customer segments, alliances, markets, geographies and industries.

Extend your Reach

Optimise confidently your growth paths

Once your new direction is in full swing supported by a strong execution plan and measurement metrics, you may look for ways to optimise and accelerate your growth opportunity and gain confidence that you will retain your stride.

By monitoring critical performance indicators, we will help you refine your competitive position and unveil new possibilities across markets, geographies and new industries.

Extend Your Reach

Adapt, position, extend

As your target audience increasingly recognises your direction, you will want to adapt flexibly your thinking to new market requirements to prevent your offerings from becoming obsolete.

We will help you ensure that constant changes in customer drivers or technological dynamics do not erode your hard earned position. We will work with you to refine your success criteria and define ways to retain the trust and loyalty of existing customers and extend your reach towards new horizons.

Extend your Reach

Foster new relationships and alternatives

The core of your primary intent sets the tone for new strategic paths. This means that you may need to push your threshold to unveil unique opportunities.

As you gradually consider expending in unknown territories, we will facilitate introductions, partnerships and alliances that matter most for the achievement of your objectives. We will also help you identify adjacent growth markets and geographies, whether these are within or beyond the boundaries of your existing industry.

Inside the circle

What people say...
  • "Sabine is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, attention to each of our client’s needs, depth and breadth of knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile was extremely impressive. Sabine demonstrated incredible aptitude for expressing the business value and impact of our offerings on the customer's operational environment in terms of profitable growth, when working on specific opportunities, either in new markets or the finance vertical. The propositions that Sabine and I developed helped FICO enter successfully interesting new markets and customer segments, still today part of FICO’s portfolio."
    Laurence Jacobson
    Lead Consultant at FICO
  • "I love working with Sabine because she's always enthusiastic, responsive and gets the job done on time, and extremely well. Sabine gains the respect of strategic partners, leadership teams and her peers for her deep insurance expertise, her consulting acumen and her creative marketing ideas. But above all, Sabine is respected by all for her wonderful passion to help client companies, partners and peers succeed. She works tirelessly and invests 200% in everything she does."
    Linda Bruning
    Global Alliance Executive at Pegasystems
  • "Sabine knowledge of both the UK and Global Insurance markets is second to none. She has an incredible work ethic and delivers to very tight deadlines and adds great value to whatever project she is involved with. Her input is invaluable and her approach can certainly assist sales teams in securing new customers and additional sources of revenue."
    Peter Newman
    Business Development Executive at The Innovation Group
  • "Anyone looking for quality thought leadership and a customer-focused proposition would do well to work with Sabine and The Proposition Circle. I've worked with Sabine for over four years now on various projects, particularly around thought-leadership and content marketing. Sabine brings many great qualities to her clients and projects. The best of these is probably her ability to build business propositions that prospective customers find truly compelling. We have worked together on many initiatives to develop truly customer-focused propositions as part of companies' brand strategy, which we then marketed through targeted commercial insights or customer-driven website re-designs, and which in turn attracted more-qualified sales leads."
    Damien Seaman
    Senior Copywriter at MoneyWeek
  • "Working with Sabine is a breath of fresh air. She is energetic, highly enthusiastic and motivational. Her knowledge of the insurance industry and financial markets is extremely impressive and she always looks to the future in order to identify opportunities and drive value-based propositions that benefit the organisations she is working with. Sabine has an amazing talent to work with others to produce high quality work in incredibly tight timelines. She is a tenacious individual that has the drive and focus to deliver the ultimate goal. And she is an absolute pleasure to work with too."
    Michelle Connolly
    Director at 300 North Consulting
  • "I have worked with Sabine now through three very different businesses. She is one of the most diligent and detailed strategic thinkers that I have had the pleasure to work with so far. Her business knowledge and application of that knowledge is very deep and yet practical. Sabine gets to the bottom of a value proposition and builds the content around it that brings business success. I have no hesitation in recommending The Proposition Circle and Sabine’s approach in the development of the vision, proposition, messaging, sales enablement and in the operational implementation support that is provided to delivering that work."
    Emma Muir
    Managing Director at CMO Centre
  • "Sabine exudes positive infectious energy which drives innovation and positive change within a business. Whether you are a client, an investor or a business partner, Sabine is a role model of the sort of person you want driving change, customer focus, and innovation within your organisation, and at the same time she will help you shape the sort of culture you want to embed there too."
    Derek Findlayson
    Managing Director at InteliHub Consulting Ltd
  • "Sabine is extremely passionate about her work and this is reflected in the quality and depth of rigour that goes into each deliverable she produces. Her work ethic and ability to work to tight timelines are a credit to her and it is a pleasure to work with her."
    Rhys Collins
    Head of Operations (Africa) at SSP
  • "I had the great pleasure of working with Sabine over two years in one of my recent executive leadership positions. When I met this young lady, she showed drive, energy and focus… and delivered this in a charming and respectful manner indicative of her high intellect. It was clear she was a key contributing factor of our growth strategy and working with our executive and management team she helped us all set a unique direction to distance our business from our competitors. Her work ethics are absolutely incredible. She always put the customer at the centre of her innovative thinking and often became a stepping-stone in advancing key client conversations. Sabine would be an invaluable member of any team or organisation wanting to achieve or exceed its growth outcomes."
    Carol Thompson
    CEO at Road to Value
  • "Sabine's professionalism, work rate and thought leadership are undeniably great - but it's her ability to understand a market, a segment, a business and shape a value proposition that stands out from the crowd. Sabine sees things from the customer’s perspective and shapes propositions able to achieve profitable growth, operational efficiency and mitigate risk. She will map the proposition to the addressable market and research the buying trends and behaviours of your target audience. Her competitor profiles will help you move into the "blue oceans" of selling higher value solutions against customer pain points and stay away from being another commodity based tech company selling features in a frenzied competitive cyclone. Once goals and objectives are set... be prepared to keep up! The journey she takes you through is mesmerising."
    Dean Richardson
    Head of European Sales at SSP
  • "I worked with Sabine when running alliances on a global basis at Chordiant/ Pegasystems. Sabine brought a fresh strategic attitude to strategic proposition design within alliances and was always available to support presentations, webinars, conferences, joint pitches and business development campaigns. She helped formulate and fine tune our global alliance strategy and map it by industry. As an example, this led to a significant project across Asia Pac, and to a number of strategic initiatives across the USA and Europe. The most prominent partnership led to the design of a very unique digital proposition, which was promoted with the top 10 UK insurers. Sabine dedicated the time and effort to help our partners shape unique messages that their customers would respond to. I saw Sabine’s innovative thinking, strategic design and execution abilities at work. I would recommend her to any technology provider wanting to differentiate and grow through a more customer, business and content-centric engagement journey."
    Lisa Jones Caswell
    Strategic Advisor & Consultant at Spencer Stuart
  • "I have known Sabine for over 15 years and always found her to be able to immediately get to the heart of the core of a problem. As the managing director of The Proposition Circle, she combines strategic thinking, intelligence, focus, extreme energy, and always goes the extra mile to find practical solutions and answers to issues. When we now work together on specific initiatives, we start at the crack of dawn and do not finish till very late at night and the process is always fun, valuable and actionable. Indeed, her results speak for themselves. One always comes away from any business interaction excited about what has been discussed and achieved… with a clear set of steps to move things forward."
    Dr Andree Bates
    CEO at Eularis

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